Fresh Farm Products

How Fresh from the Farm started in 2020
Published on Feb 04, 2022
Our story
Sending avocados to family in Cape Town in 2019 led to people asking how they could buy affordable avocados. As a result we did trials in early 2020 sending avocados testing box strength and delivery methods.
Early in March we launched Fresh from the Farm.  We send avocados in our box that would normally be "rejected" and sent for oil extraction as they have cosmetic marks on the skin or they are not the size the market demands. However they are perfect inside. We celebrate and send out the different and 'imperfect' avocados which are still delicious.
Boschoek Farm is near Tzaneen in Limpopo Province.  This avocado and amacadamia nut farm has been in the family for 3 generations. We send our avocados and other local products in our boxes to most places in South Africa.
I love this avocado when packing boxes. Is it a comma or a question mark?   Mohlao and I have enjoyed our first 2 years growing and devloping this farm to table buisness.  We love our interaction with our regular customers.  Thanks for your support.